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Farming lives, past and present

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This website

This website was made with the support of Undercurrents and a grant from the Commedia Millennium Awards. The Commedia Millennium Awards operates in partnership with local community media organisations to give individuals opportunities to make their own productions for radio, television and the internet. The scheme is an initiative of the Community Media Association with funding from the Millennium Commission. The website was produced by Andrew Wood.  Other examples of community media projects can be found at the Community Media Showcase, see

The project

The farmers interviewers were conducted by Eka Morgan and Andrew Wood as Voices from Oxfordshire (also known as ‘Spoken Record’) with the collaboration of Oxfordshire County Council's Centre for Oxfordshire Studies. The original recordings and their transcripts are deposited in the Centre's archive. The transcriptions of the farmers interviews were produced by Andrew Wood, as was the radio programme, ‘AgriCultured: five Oxfordshire farmers’.

The initial idea for a spoken history project of farming was by Lucy Michaels and Eka Morgan. The project was informed by research conducted by Eka Morgan, Kathryn Tulip and Lucy Michaels. Kathryn and Lucy work on Corporate Watch's Food and Farming project and GAFF - Grassroots Action on Food and Farming. The choice of which farmers to interview was made by Andrew Wood and Eka Morgan.

The photo-diary part of the project was undertaken by Lucy Michaels who chose the participants, liaised with them and gathered the materials produced.

The briefing document accompanying the radio programme was written by Kathryn Tulip. Fundraising, administration, and co-ordination were provided by Andrew Wood.


The copyright for the original recordings of the farmers interviews is owned by Oxfordshire County Council. They have given a licience for the distribution of the recordings and all derivative works to the owner of this website. Copyright for other items on this website are their respective owners. Please enquire if you need further assistance with this.

Project funding

Funding for the project as a whole was provided by Commedia, The JMG Foundation and The Woodward Trust. Further funding is needed to allow the website to continue past April 2004.

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