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Farming lives, past and present

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Two items are presented below for use in a workshop: a radio documentary and a briefing document. The briefing document sets the individual experience of the farmers featured in the documentary into a wider regional, national and international perspective.


The radio documentary ‘AgriCultured: Five Oxfordshire Farmers’ contains exerpts from the five of the ten farmers interviews. The five farmers featured were interviewed in May and June 2002, after the end of the foot and mouth outbreak of 2001 and 2002.   All the interviews were conducted in the farmer’s homes, usually over their kitchen or dinning room table.

Exerts chosen for this radio programme show particular socio-economic or cultural trends as experienced by the farmers interviewed. In a sense then, this is the people’s history.

We recommend that you read the accompanying briefing document, below, during or after listening to the radio programme.

Listen on-line (MP3 file, file size; 5.7 Mbytes, plays at 32 kbps, suitable for telephone modems)

Download broadcast quality programme (MP3 file, file size: 22.8 Mbytes, plays at 128 kbps, broadband connection recommended)

Programme details

Programme duration: 24 minutes, 20 seconds

Contributors in order of appearance: Presenter: Andrew Wood. Farmers: Clive Hawes, aged 48; at Grange Farm, Little Chesterton near Bicester; Jane Bowler, age 49, at Dews Meadow Farm, East Hanney near Wantage; David Orpwood, age 49, at Woods Farm near Watlington; Marilyn Ivings, age 63, at Mill Farm near Church Enstone; Charles Peers, age 64, at Views Farm, near Little Milton near Oxford.  

Producer: Andrew Wood

Read a full transcript of the radio programme


The accompanying briefing was written by Kathryn Tulip of Corporate Watch's Grassroots Action on Food and Farming. Read the briefing as a web page or read briefing as a typeset document (Adobe PDF)

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