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Interview record

Interviewer: Eka Morgan

Date: 21/1/2003


Name: Michael Soanes
Address: Royal Oak Farm Shop, Royal Oak Farm, Beckley. OX3 9TY


Telephone: 351 246

Date of Birth: 17/7/1953


Fatherís occupation: Farmer
Motherís occupation: Farmerís wife

Previous occupation (if any): Agricultural Engineer
Number of years farming: 25 years
Number of years at this farm: 25 years



Total farm size (Hectares/acres): 300 acres
Land owned (Hectares/acres): two and half acres, bought in 1978
Land rented (Hectares/acres):
Name of farm/estate/person from which land is rented(s): Brasenose College/ London Mathematics college


Employees (if any): 2 casuals in farm shop





(When actively farming)


Name/ Type of crop: Mixed arable

Area under cultivation: 100 acres grass, 200 mixed crops, rotated


Type of Stock: Sheep
Number of Stock: 700


Type of Stock: Free range chicken
Number of Stock: 1000
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