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Ginny Stay Photo-diary

Each of the slides below may be enlarged in a slide-show with explanatory text.

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Photographic slide 1: Planting onionsPhotographic slide 2: Planting onionsPhotographic slide 3: Planting onions Photographic slide 4: Planting onionsPhotographic slide 5: Tractor and trailer Photographic slide 6: Tractor and trailerPhotographic slide 7: Cauliflower harvestingPhotographic slide 8: Cauliflower harvesting Photographic slide 9: HoeingPhotographic slide 10: Seedlings in glasshouse Photographic slide 11: Seed potatoesPhotographic slide 12: Glasshouse Photographic slide 13: Tool-shedPhotographic slide 14: Children by polytunnel Photographic slide 15: Inside polytunnelPhotographic slide 16: Inside polytunnel Photographic slide 17: Tractor ploughingPhotographic slide 18: Tractor ploughingPhotographic slide 19: Loading chip van Photographic slide 20: Loading chip vanPhotographic slide 21: Village sign Photographic slide 22: Village signPhotographic slide 23: Tractor ploughing Photographic slide 24: Plough on tractorPhotographic slide 25: Tractor ploughing Photographic slide 26: Tractor ploughingPhotographic slide 27: Harvesting sproutsPhotographic slide 29Photographic slide 29: Red Mustard Photographic slide 30: Inside polytunnelPhotographic slide 31: Tractor Photographic slide 32: Garlic growingPhotographic slide 33: Compost Photographic slide 34: Compost heapPhotographic slide 35: Planting machinery Photographic slide 36: Weeding machineryPhotographic slide 37: Countryside Photographic slide 38: Harvesting carrotsPhotographic slide 39: Harvesting carrots
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