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John Willmer Photo-diary

Each of the slides below may be enlarged in a slide-show with explanatory text.

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Photographic slide 1: Farmer John WillmerPhotographic slide 2: Willow on trailerPhotographic slide 3: Willow on trailer Photographic slide 4: Cattle yardPhotographic slide 5: Tree planting Photographic slide 6: Tree plantingPhotographic slide 7: Wedding MarquePhotographic slide 8: Wedding Catering Photographic slide 9Photographic slide 10: Decorating tearoom Photographic slide 11: Cutting willowPhotographic slide 12: Cattle herd Photographic slide 13: Inspecting cattlePhotographic slide 14: New hedge Photographic slide 15: Growing hedgePhotographic slide 16: Unloading willow Photographic slide 17: Moving manurePhotographic slide 18: Sheep herdPhotographic slide 19: Tractor Photographic slide 20: Tractor with harrowPhotographic slide 21: Fishing Photographic slide 22: Hedge layingPhotographic slide 23: Field survey Photographic slide 24: Tractor ServicingPhotographic slide 25: Tennis court Photographic slide 26: TearoomPhotographic slide 27: Cow shed
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