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Gloucestershire echos Oxfordshire farmers' experience
In March 2004, Forest of Dean Community Radio (see bought together three Gloucestershire farmers and a rural charter surveyor to consider the changes they'd seen in farming during their life times. The programme called 'Farming Days' was  presented by Mike Manning, also a farmer,  and it used exerts from the recordings made by the AgriCultured Project. The programme  showed many of the experiences of Oxfordshire farmers were also shared by the farmers in Gloucestershire.

Themes covered in Farming Days included: the decline in livestock markets in Gloucestershire and their personal value; the reduction in farm labour and social contact; the size of farms; the foot and mouth outbreak of 2001; and whether their childern will take up farming - or not. Exerts from the interviews with Oxfordshire farmers Clive Hawes, David Orpwood and Marilyn Ivings in summer 2002 are used in the programme.

Listen on-line to Farming Days (
MP3 file, file size: 12.5 Mbytes, plays at 32 kbps, suitable for telephone modems)

Programme details

Programme duration: 55 minutes.

Contributors in order of appearance: Presenter Mike Manning farmer at Kerry's Barn, Upledon Farm, near Newtent, Gloucestershire;
Joe Hiram partner in Hamilton's Charter Surveyors, Maisemore near Gloucester; Rob Keene farmer at Over Farm near Gloucester;
Martin Baber farmer at Oakle Court, Churcham, Gloucestershire.

Producer: Mike Manning

Copyright: Forest of Dean Community Radio, used under licience. Recorded at Forest of Dean Community Radio's studio in Newtent, Gloucestershire on Tuesday 16 March 2004 and Broadcast on Forest of Dean Community Radio on Friday 26 March 2004.

For further information: Mike Manning, Kerry's Barn, Upledon, Newtent, Glos. GL18 1ED. Telephone: 01531 821 291

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